Please remember that if you have previously entered either the Care Home Awards or the Home Care Awards you are entitled to one free entry in the Care Sector Supplier Awards. 

There are now 28 categories open for entry, including the new Response to Covid-19 Emergency category:

Activity, Leisure and Entertainment (including Radio and TV)

Architecture, Interior Design & Landscaping 

Assistive Technology (including Monitoring, Telecare, Alarm Systems, etc)

Bathroom & Bathing

Building, Decorating & Property Services

Broadband, Internet, Telecommunication & Computers/ IT Business Services

Business Services (including Advertising, PR, Marketing, Creative, Safety and Risk, Storage and Distribution Services, Funeral Direction and Services, Floristry, etc)

Catering, Catering Equipment and Nutrition

Cleaning  (including Infection Prevention)

Clinical Supplies (including Pharmacy Services & Dispensing Solutions)

Energy Solutions & Electrical (including PAT Testing, Renewables, Micro-Generation, etc)

Facilities Management & Maintenance (including Gardening, Recycling and Waste Reduction, etc)

Finance & Insurance (including all financial support services such as Development Capital, Debt Management, etc)

Furniture, Furnishings, Floor Coverings

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Laundry Services & Equipment

Legal & Professional (including Business Broking)

Lifts, Hoists & Resident/Patient Handling

Management Software (including Resident or Patient, Nursing, Care Home, Home Care, etc)

Mobility & Transport (including Specialist Vehicles)

Multi-service or Multi-channel Supplier (for companies offering varied supplies or services across the Care sector)

Other Non-clinical Supplies (including Linen & Bed Linen, Staff Uniforms, Workwear, Labels, Badges, Signage, etc)

Personal Care (including Hairdressing, Sight, Hearing, Dental, Podiatry, etc)

Publishing, Exhibitions, Conferences and Forums 

Recruitment, Training, Retention & Motivation (including e-Learning, etc)

Response to Covid-19 Emergency (looking for special efforts by suppliers to go the extra mile for the benefit of customers)

Start-up Supplier (entrants must have been in business for no more than two years prior to the closing date

Therapies (including Physio, Reflexology, Alternative Therapies, etc)

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