Finalist Companies


It is a great pleasure to announce the short-list of companies named as Finalists in the inaugural Care Sector Supplier Awards. Standard of entries was remarkably high – especially in the technology categories and business services category – and the final stage judging looks like producing some great winners. Finalists will be notified individually of the categories within which they have done well.

The 19 companies on the short-list are:

Adaptive IT
Care Planner
Dynamic Building Solutions
Hay Associates
Person Centred Software
Pic PR
Real Communication Works
Smooth Digital
The Brand Sculptor
Tunstall Healthcare
Unique IQ
Given the Covid-19 restrictions in place we have decided that the safest responsible plan is to stream an online presentation of the Awards ceremony on the Web. This will be at lunchtime on November 20, with the presentation starting prompt at 13.00 hrs.
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